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what others have said

“...a choreographer driven by a powerful internal force. The pieces...left lasting images.”

The Morning Call (Allentown, PA)

“...performances that draw you right into the path of the movement...a trust in and respect for the material of movement and for the dancers who contribute to it...full of intelligence..."

Anne Pierce
Washington DanceView (Washington, DC)

“David is truly a master in creating a process in which dancers are totally themselves in the moments of rehearsal…I found my students taking risks I had not seen them do before…The end result is a sophisticated choreographic work unique to the dancers and to the moments of shared collaboration with [him]…David’s work stood out from all the other dances in our concert as a seasoned and richly textured piece, compelling in spatial and physical relationship, lucid in technique, and highly intelligent and complex within the moments of interaction among the dancers...
I love it when a dance creates this response! It means something powerful has occurred for both performers and audience, something that will be savored and remembered. David Appel gave this experience to my students and to the people who saw his work, And here, a light through the trees. Thank you, David.”

Linda Sievers, former Chair
Department of Theatre, Film and Dance
Humboldt State University (CA)

“He worked beautifully with the company and the work he produced was powerful, full of intimate moments and captured the individuality of each of the dancers…I was

very impressed by his patience, his incredibly artistic eye, and his ability to work with the dancers and pull absolutely gorgeous movement from them.”

Carol Fike, former Chair
Theatre and Dance Department
Alma College (MI)

“…an extraordinary residency experience...I find it amazing how much David accomplished in such a short time.”

Janet Prieur
former Dance Program Coordinator
Department of Theatre and Dance
University of Southern Mississippi

“The piece, ‘Resilience’, is a largely improvisational [one], rich in nuance and inventive imagery. I was very impressed with the way in which David was able to guide the students to a discovery of the power and deeply expressive nature of improvisational work. Because the [dance] was in five sections, it was possible for the students to explore and develop thematic material through a variety of perspectives and improvisational techniques. David challenged them to reach beyond their assumed capabilities. They grew in terms of improvisational ability, physical awareness and sensitivity to the group during the acts of creation and performance. They were pleasantly surprised and elated with their accomplishments. The audiences we encountered on tour were equally challenged and intrigued by what they saw.”

Mickie Geller, former Professor
School of Dance
Ohio University