DAVID APPEL is available for performance programs of his own work, yet he also particularly enjoys sharing a bill with one or more other artists. Teaching/choreographic residencies of varying lengths of time are possible, and he is always happy to collaborate toward providing your audiences and students with a unique combination of events and activities. Please contact us for further details, to discuss the ease and affordability of bringing him to your venue in the coming year, or with any questions you might have!



A PERHAPS INTERESTING NOTE: The name of the website has nothing to do with the 1971 Elton John hit “Tiny Dancer.” Rather, it alludes to a picture of David sent by a photographer from when he performed in a piece at The Kitchen in New York City during the late 1970s. Across one corner she had scrawled “you tiny dancer” in red. The memory of that persisted, and when this site was being created, using the phrase seemed so much more intriguing…