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Over the past several years, David has been making evolving collections of relatively short pieces. Working with a small group of dancers in New York City, he has intentionally built these dances from disparate choreographic underpinnings, employing different combinations of composed and improvised material, and heightening them variously by an unusual compression of time. Each successive grouping has also allowed him to shape a unique overall progression, as well as alternate ways of approaching the performer/audience relationship.

On one level, this work has simply been “about” how the performers—individually and together—wield their abilities to articulate, play through fluidly, and enliven the progression of each dance. Yet these pieces also seemed to reference some of the singular and shared aspects of human interaction revealed through the invented and intuited ways we structure our lives. Whether mapping/illuminating a path or embodying a quality of relationship, the dances have embodied a sense of possibility, and have emanated from Appel’s curiosity about how we can more clearly and fully engage each other from moment to moment in a variety of circumstances.

This project has also reinforced the idea that there are myriad ways in which we can re-invigorate and make use of the balance between what we do and don’t know—celebrating our ability to reject rigidity in favor of pliable and vibrant responses within the worlds we encounter and re-create.

David is currently developing the next stages of what’s intriguing him in this realm.
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