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Collaborating with a somewhat consistent group of performers in New York City, David continues to build dances from disparate choreographic underpinnings, employing singular combinations of composed and improvised material, and heightening the results by variable expansions or compressions in the use of time and space. Each successive piece has allowed him to shape a unique overall progression, as well as reconsidered ways of approaching the performer/audience relationship.

On one level, this work has simply been “about” how the dancers—individually and together—wield their abilities to articulate, play through fluidly, and enliven the path of each dance, celebrating how we can reject rigidity in favor of pliable and vibrant responses to all we encounter and
re-create. It is also about support: what we get from others, and that which is present because of our absolute connections with(in) the world around us. Whether mapping/illuminating how things unfold or embodying a quality of relationship, Appel’s pieces express a sense of possibility, and emanate from his curiosity about how we can more clearly and fully engage each other from moment to moment in a variety of circumstances.