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“The effects of a long and deep research are very visible in this work. The result is an original style that moves beyond its striking singularity into a poetic realm...All of this has a kinetic sense that is very engaging but the true pleasure is how he sends viewers on their own thought journey, speeding along on David’s road, in their own vehicle.”

Tere O’Connor
Artistic Director, Tere O’Connor Dance

“David Appel is a subtle and provocative artist who works with movement to reveal areas of the self that are often hidden or overlooked…The quality of expansiveness which is communicated through all of the aspects of his work opens up everything from the most everyday material to the most sophisticated theoretical practice for us to appreciate and enjoy…a variety of movements, gestures, and sounds adding up to something very idiosyncratic and wonderful.”

Christine Heindl
Painter/former Associate Professor of Art
Ohio University