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"David captures, focuses, and juxtaposes movements in such a way that they speak in a uniquely direct way to the viewer. He is superbly disciplined, flexible, and strong, but somehow everything cleaves to the realm of 'I know what that feels like, I could do that, I have done that.' He doesn’t speak in the language of the impossible leap, the unattainable extension, the superhuman strength; his vocabulary arouses memory rather than awe. We dance with and within him...
Indeed, the structure itself is more a collage or mosaic than a forward path, more the images dreamed than the story told. Because each audience member is the unique weaver of the threads provided, the experience is personal and intriguing, an active partnership of exploration...
I continue to be amazed and invigorated at the sheer tangibility and accessibility of your choreography and performance...To witness and appreciate the visual beauty of finely crafted dance is a great pleasure; to feel it as if it were your own is a great joy...The audience was enthralled."

Elizabeth Fuller
Associate Producing Director
The Independent Eye (Sebastopol, CA)