what he's working on now...

There is an inherent theatricality and musicality that become animate through the sheer act of moving, wherever and whenever it occurs…we all have some sort of access to the magic of being alive. How do we shape our sense of this? David’s current solo project involves researching and creating newly-minted little dances, while evolving a fresh framework for how they unfold within the greater scheme of things. Some of these embody movement-defined universes arising out of the simplest of motifs, while others sing more complex mysteries. They may or may not layer in music and/or text to ground the action and give it a twist in perspective. Regardless, these episodes are purposely short and to the point. And the point is that we all move amidst a plethora of information, every so often pausing to listen, and tying what we glean into the larger picture of who we are in the world. This is about shining a light here and there, affording an opportunity to (re)experience vibrant configurations, ideas, states of being…that we may have passed by, forgotten about, or perhaps never previously considered.
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