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“As I observed my students, I was taken with how much they enjoyed working…and how relaxed and beautiful their bodies became as they moved through space and claimed their own individuality while doing so…David celebrates the human body as a pure connection to movement that emanates from truth.
David is committed to creating a healthy environment for dance and for dancers, and when he teaches he is extremely thorough in that end. He gently guides us through a series of improvisatory tasks which help to open up the body, help to sense fullness in our movement, and most importantly, help us to understand how motion and movement are intrinsic to the human spirit.”

Carol Fike
former Chair, Theatre and Dance
Alma College (MI)

“As an artist and educator, David Appel offered a unique blend of movement inquiry and study. In each area he brought fresh perspectives which complemented, enriched and augmented the work our students were already doing. I highly recommend him as a guest artist.”

Mickie Geller
former Professor, School of Dance
Ohio University

“…Mr. Appel’s clarity of explanation and his quiet insistence that students perform outside their safety zone, provided a wonderful atmosphere of creativity and risk-taking. Our students truly enjoyed the experience.”

Sara Brummel
Associate Professor, Theatre and Dance
Missouri State University

“David’s special strengths as a teacher include a keen ability to perceive unique qualities in every mover, and an uncanny skill in offering both group and personal guidance toward deeper insight and extended range in movement patterns. He offers this guidance in an atmosphere of quiet patience which allows ample space for self discovery in each student—a rare quality indeed among teachers.”

Esther Geiger
dancer, teacher, and former collaborator

“...a strong and unique vision of dance...an inspiration...”
Barbara Rinaldo
former Chair, Dance Department
Towson State University

“David is a passionate artist and teacher...One of my gallery interns, who is a junior dance major, put it best when she said: ‘He made me think about everything I’ve learned about dance and want to learn more’.”

Christine Heindl
Painter/former Associate Professor of Art
Ohio University

“David’s personable, unassuming manner somewhat belies the thoughtful planning, the sophisticated insight, the intuitive artistic sense that is evident in all his work. I strongly urge you to take advantage of this challenging dance experience.”

Margaret Ocokoljich
former Dance Director
University of Illinois at Chicago Circle