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Here are some comments by those who hosted the events in Philadelphia:

“We live in a Center City [Philadelphia] townhouse and Mr. Appel danced in our emptied living room for a bevy of city lawyers, doctors and business people...His relaxed and intimate manner immediately drew us in and made dance feel a comfortable and even familiar topic...Most of us had little practice concentrating on movements, with weekday worlds filled with communication by writing and speaking. But at the end of his dance, we could not stop talking with Mr. Appel and with each other about the ideas and feelings brought up by his piece. Everyone stayed late into the evening, stirred by dance.”

J. and S. Kastenberg

“As advertised, David talked a bit about his work, then danced for about half an hour. Our living room is small...and David did a remarkable job using the entire space to advantage. A lively discussion followed the performance. This was an unusual event to host and I was really glad to have the opportunity to support an artist (and a neighbor) in this way. The results too were very gratifying. Every person present was impressed and enriched. The evening was both enjoyable and intellectually stimulating.”

B. Hirshkowitz

“It was wonderful to experience the magic of the dancer creating energy right before our eyes using such an economy of movement to communicate so powerfully...It was interesting to hear the reactions of the other members of the audience and to feel we were engaged in a dialogue with the dancer as he created his work. I now feel a connection, even perhaps a loyalty to David’s work and an expanded openness to dance and dancers...How can it not be a good thing for the arts that we, the audience, get more involved with the artists in order to better understand their work and to have the opportunity to make a more personal discovery of the importance of it for ourselves?”

J. DiF. Bruce

“I was so involved every minute, very aware of each movement and in touch with my emotional reaction. Another wonderful aspect was talking with David and the other audience members right after the performance. It was very exciting to get immediate feedback directly from the artist. It was the best and most interesting dance experience that I have ever had. I strongly recommend David’s ‘in home’ performance to anyone.”

N. Glasgow