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David has had the good fortune to collaborate with a number of wonderful artists in various media throughout his career. Some of these include:

choreographer/dancers Darla Stanley, Mary Foshee, Ann Law, Sycamore Toffel, Trina Collins, Tonio Guerra, Jeff Bliss, Binnie Ritchie Holum, Meade Andrews, Esther Geiger, Nancy Galeota Wozny, Margot Perron, Theda Rosenbluth, Elise Knudson, Jenni Hong, Ava Heller, Randy Burd, Cecilia Fontanesi

composer/musicians Michael Evans, Loren Mazzacane Connors, Martha Siegel, John Morton, David Weinstein, Mark Baechtle, Michael Willis, Carol Nethen, Michael Zerang, Richard Dworkin, Len Detlor

theater artists Conrad Bishop, Isabel-Lee Malone, Eric Chase

writer Sibbie O'Sullivan

dancer/musician/actress Maggie Higgs

choreographer/dancer/musicians Laurel Sprigg, Pat Taylor Frey

dancers Susan Kelly, David Lucal, Alice Lusterman, Margot Bassett, Judy Ettinger,

video artist Grant Johnson

He continues to engage with other artists whenever the opportunity arises, and is always open to considering outside suggestions/invitations, toward impromptu meetings or collaborations over a longer period of time.